Presidential Remarks 2019 at Annual Welcome Dinner and 2019MT Term Card published

The Annual Welcome Dinner of OxHKScholars was successfully hosted at Sojo on 15 October 2019. Around 50 new and current members were joined by the Committee and our Senior Member, Prof. Man-yee Kan (Sociology). The lively conversations were then continued next door at The Oxford Retreat. As our President Terence outlined yesterday in the dinner, OxHKScholars has prepared a series of social, academic and development activities throughout the Michaelmas Term.

Here is the Presidential Remarks delivered at the Annual Welcome Dinner:

I would like to welcome every one of you to our first event in Oxford. I am really delighted by the huge presence of HK postgraduate community tonight, as we did not expect such enthusiasm.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce our Association. The OxHKScholars Association is here to serve as a platform for HK postgraduate community to facilitate social, academic and professional exchange. We aim to provide our members with a plethora of activities. Before I tell you all the exciting events we will have this year, I would like to express thanks to our senior member Man-Yee for her support to our association. I shall also introduce my committee members:


Senior Member Professor Man Yee Kan

Association Professor in Sociology

Fellow of Linacre College

President Terence Tsui

DPhil Mathematics, St. John's

Rhodes Scholar

Vice-President Alan Chau DPhil Statistics and Machine Learning, St Peter's
Academic Officer Henry Hung

DPhil Plant Sciences, University

Oxford-Radcliffe Scholar; Hong Kong Scholar

Social Officer Kenneth Lee

MMathPhys Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, St Hilda's

Events Officer Alex Tsui

DPhil Biochemistry, Lincoln & PhD Biology, Scripps Research

Skaggs-Oxford Scholar; Croucher Scholar

Secretary Verna Shum MMath Mathematics, St Hugh's
Treasurer Bryan Ng MChem Chemistry, Trinity



We have more than one event each week this term, which can be found in the term card. Finally, I would like to emphasize that this is an association for all members. If you have any ideas on what you'd like to do, gain, or achieve through our association, we will try our best to help facilitate that and make it happen.

I wish you a very prosperous year ahead.

Terence Tsui
President of the Oxford University Hong Kong Scholars Association

2019 welcome dinner