Henry Hung


The Committee accepted the request of Henry Hung (DPhil Plant Sciences, University) to undertake a Leave of Absence from the Presidency of this Association due to health issues during the Michaelmas Term of 2021. Peter Wan stands in as the Acting President during this Leave.


Henry Hung is the Radcliffe Scholar in Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford. His research concerns the adaption and genomics of forest trees under climate change. He is mainly involved in the Oxford-Bioversity Dalbergia Project to conserve and restore endangered rosewood species in the Southeast Asia. In his public engagement, he has worked closely with the Museum of Climate Change in Hong Kong and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

He has a keen interest in artistry. He is a classical singer by training and has curated several solo recitals. He is a novice poet whose poem collection Wooden Heart was presented in the Earth Day Art Model 2020 in the United States. He seeks to investigate the relationship between humans (and broadly, humanities) and Nature in his art.

He graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Biology, triple-minoring in Environment Studies, Music, and German.

Academic Outputs

Professional Appointments

  • Oxford University Taiwanese Student Society Public Relations Officer (2020–2021); Events Officer (2021)
  • Oxford University Hong Kong Scholars Association Academic Officer (2019–2020); Events Officer (2020–2021); President (2021–22)
  • IUCN Species Survival Commission Seed Conservation Specialist (2020–)
  • IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management Forest Ecosystem Specialist (2019–)
  • British Ecological Society Member (2018–), Events Committee (2019–)
  • Zoological Society of London Fellow (2018–)
  • The Linnean Society of London Associate (2018–)

Journal Publication

  1. Hung, T. H.*, Gooda, R., Rizzuto, G., So, T., Thammavong, B., Tran, H. T., Jalonen, R., Boshier, D. H. & MacKay, J. J.* (2020). Physiological responses of rosewoods Dalbergia cochinchinensis and D. oliveri under drought and heat stresses. Ecology and Evolutionhttp://doi.org/10.1002/ECE3.6744.
  2. Hung, T. H.*, So, T., Syneath, S., Thammavong, B., Boounithiphonh, C., Boshier, D. H. & MacKay, J. J.* (2020). Reference transcriptomes and comparative analyses of six species in the threatened rosewood genus DalbergiaScientific Reports, 10, 17749http://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-74814-2

Conference Presentation

  1. Hung, T. H.*, Gaisberger, H., Callagher, C., So, T., Thammavong, B., Tran Thi, H., Theilade, I., Hartvig, I., Boshier, D. H. & MacKay, J. J. (2019, December 10 – 13). British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2019. Belfast, UK.

Data Repositories

  1. Hung, T. H., So, T., Sreng, S., Thammavong, B., Boounithiphonh, C., Boshier, D. H. & MacKay, J. J. (2020). ​Reference transcriptomes of Dalbergia cochinchinensis, Dalbergia frutescens, Dalbergia melanoxylon, Dalbergia miscolobium, Dalbergia oliveri, and Dalbergia sissoo — BioProject: PRJNA593817. NCBI. https://dataview.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/object/PRJNA593817

Teaching at Oxford

2020 Hilary Term

  • Research Skills and Computing ​Demonstrator (MBiol 1)
  • Global Change: Plants, People, and the Biosphere Tutor (MBiol 2)

2020 Michaelmas Term

  • Genomics and Evolution Tutor (MBiol 2)
  • Essential Mathematics Demonstrator (DPhil 1)
  • Introduction to Computer Programming Demonstrator (DPhil 1)
  • Statistics and Data Management Demonstrator (DPhil 1)

2020 Trinity Term

  • 1756 Research Skills and Computing Demonstrator (MBiol 1)
  • C9097 Forestry: Genetics, Silviculture and Policy Tutor (BA 3)

2020 Hilary Term

  • 1756 Research Skills and Computing Demonstrator (MBiol 1)
  • C8413 Evolution Tutor (BA 2)
  • C9097 Forestry: Genetics, Silviculture and Policy Tutor (BA 3)

2019 Michaelmas Term

  • Bioinformatics Demonstrator (DPhil 1)
  • Essential Mathematics Demonstrator (DPhil 1)

2019 Trinity Term

  • Final Honour School of Biological Sciences Research Project Supervisor (BA 3)

2019 Hilary Term

  • C8413 Evolution Tutor (BA 2)
  • C8523 Genes Practical Demonstrator (BA 1)
  • C9097 Forestry: Genetics, Silviculture and Policy Tutor (BA 3)

2018 Michaelmas Term

  • Essential Mathematics Demonstrator (DPhil 1)
  • Statistics and Data Management Demonstrator (DPhil 1)