Terence Tsui


Terence Tsui read Mathematics in Exeter College as an undergraduate Jardine Scholar and is currently pursuing a DPhil in Mathematics under the EPSRC Mathematics of Random System CDT as a Rhodes Scholar at St. John's College. He is interested in modelling randomness in biological systems through infinite-dimensional stochastic analysis. Apart from mathematics, Terence is deeply passionate about youth empowerment in Hong Kong and related educational issues. He believes that every individual deserves a quality education, and co-founded Project Access Hong Kong to increase access to overseas study for under-resourced students in his city. An avid listener of audio-books and a frequent traveller, Terence aspires to collect and live out stories to be told to future generations.

As the immediate past president of the Association, I feel like I still have more to give and contribute. On the other hand, I am very excited to see the many activities our new committee members will bring to our community in these challenging times. As the External Affairs Officer, I am looking forward to maintaining existing relationships with sponsors and partnering organisations as well as creating new bondings within Hong Kong communities and with communities in the UK.