Parker Chan


Parker Chan 陳柏嘉 completed his bachelor in Chinese Language and Literature at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and obtained a master from the University of Oxford, where he matriculated at The Queen’s College. He is currently doing a doctorate under the supervision of Professor Dirk Meyer at the Faculty of Oriental Studies and affiliated with St. Catherine’s College. His degree is fully supported by Professor Lee Hon-ching 利漢楨 in collaboration with the D.C. Lau Research Centre for Chinese Ancient Texts which made him a Hop Wai Scholar 洽蕙學人. His main research interests lie in pre-Han and Han dynasty Chinese texts, especially the history of Chinese classics and classical interpretations.

OxHKScholars is one of the best societies I have joined and I enjoy every single moment with the events and therefore desire to contribute my part in the association. With the full support of the preceding committees, I, Natalie, and our team seek to continue the successful model set by them with our new thoughts. I would like to bring in my knowledge to make the association more aware of Hong Kong culture like languages and history. Under political controversies and growing pressure in recent years, there is a growing concern of the future of Cantonese due to the stronger “authority” of Mandarin, some even started to talk about preserving Cantonese. In the coming year, our team will see if we can pay more attention to all these issues surrounding the essence of being a Hongkonger. And of course, we will continue to hold fun social events, and hope to make collaboration with other like-minded societies for academic and social activities. Our team will continue to make OxHKScholars a bunch of intelligent friends who you can turn to for any kind of academic struggles and a group of real Hong Kong scholars who you can share with about your love (or hate) to Hong Kong and your dream. May I take this chance to warmly invite you to come and join all of our events in the coming year. I promise you will enjoy them as much as I did. Finally, I look forward to cooperating with Natalie who is the first female presidential candidate of OxHKScholars and my committee team in making the association continue to be a home for Oxford Hong Kong scholars.