Natalie Chung


I am Natalie Chung 鍾芯豫 running for the Co-President position of Oxford University Hong Kong Scholars Association, as a second year MPhil in Environmental Change and Management student. The experience of co-founding and operating a youth-based environmental organisation has honed my leadership skills and revealed to me the value of education and youth empowerment. Before admission to Oxford, I was inspired by the academic forum held in Hong Kong. It was the first channel for me to reach out to the Oxford Scholars, daring to imagine I could be part of the community in the future. I hope that my status as a female student with sustainability background can add unique value to the Association, developing support programmes for the diverse group of talents.

Based on my convictions, the objectives are threefold running for the Co-President:

1) Maintaining the tightly-knitted scholars community through a diverse range of social and academic activities, with an emphasis of promoting physical and mental wellness 
2) Introducing career talks and workshops to guide professional development of Oxford postgraduate students
3) Enriching programmes to connect the Oxford postgraduate community with youths in Hong Kong to contribute our knowledge and expertise in community building and education

I am convinced that these objectives will pose positive impacts on both Oxford Scholars and the Hong Kong local community. It would be a greatly treasured opportunity if I could work alongside with Parker in leading the Association to new heights as a female sustainability practitioner. I look forward to a fruitful year with you all!