Grad School Application Workshop 2021

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Christy Cheung: PhD Infection Biology, Basel
Christy Cheung completed her BSc and MRes studies at Imperial College London. She is now a first-year PhD student at the Biozentrum in Basel, Switzerland. Her current research focuses on host-pathogen interactions, specifically on the role of Type VI Secretion Systems in infection and competition of intracellular pathogens. She would love to share her experience in applying for a PhD position in individual labs as well as PhD programmes in Europe.

Chris Chung: DPhil Biochemistry, Oxford; Jockey Club & Croucher Scholar
Chris is a Jockey Club and Croucher scholar currently reading for a DPhil Biochemistry at St. John's College. Under the supervision of Prof. Jason Schnell, Chris researches about the influenza A virus from a structural biology perspective, specifically how we can develop antivirals through disrupting the function of a key viral protein. Chris’ research interest include structural biology (NMR spectroscopy and molecular dynamics), and protein kinetics with biophysical techniques. Prior to his DPhil, Chris attained a BSc in Biochemistry at Imperial College London followed by a MSc by Research in Biochemistry at St. John’s College. Outside of his research, Chris is an avid ultimate frisbee player and foodie of all kinds. Chris is excited to share his experiences and tips on pursing postgraduate research.

Gary Leung: PhD Political Science, Yale
Gary Leung is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science at Yale University. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Government and Public Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and his M.A. in East Asian Studies from Yale.

Scarlett Ng: DPhil Sociology, Oxford
Scarlett Ng is a DPhil student in Sociology at University of Oxford. Her research examines Intimate relationships, and family planning of Chinese queer women in the UK. She is interested in a variety of topics, including gender and sexuality, queer migration, intersectionality, phenomenology, body politics, ethnic and racial studies, and cultural representation, etc.

Juno Siu: PhD Organic Chemistry, Cornell
Juno grew up in the rural outskirts of Hong Kong. His interests in chemistry were cultivated at a young age when his father brought him to a local chemical shop to purchase ingredients for rocketry. Juno attributes most of his passion for chemistry to Mr. Pizzi who has inspired him with the power and impact that chemical knowledge can have on human society. After graduating from Renaissance College Hong Kong (RCHK), Juno went on to University College London (UCL) to pursuit a MSci in Chemistry where he developed an appreciation for electrochemistry and organic chemistry. After completing his undergraduate education, Juno traveled to Cornell University to study his Ph.D. with then assistant professor Song Lin as one of his founding batch of students. While working for Prof. Song Lin, Juno developed an interest for electrochemically driven organic reactions with a focus on mechanistic guided reaction design. In his spare time, one could frequently find Juno in the volleyball ball courts.

Reynod Tsang: DPhil History, Oxford; Swire Scholar
Reynold Tsang is a DPhil student in History at the University of Oxford. His DPhil project looks at the development of museums in British Colonial East and Southeast Asia during nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He is interested in a wide range of historical topics, including Hong Kong History, Museum History, Modern Chinese History, Colonialism and Imperialism in Asia.

Terence Tsui: DPhil Mathematics, Oxford; Rhodes Scholar
Terence Tsui read Mathematics in Exeter College as an undergraduate Jardine Scholar and is currently pursuing a DPhil in Mathematics under the EPSRC Mathematics of Random System CDT as a Rhodes Scholar at St. John's College. He is interested in modelling randomness in biological systems through infinite-dimensional stochastic analysis. Apart from mathematics, Terence is deeply passionate about youth empowerment in Hong Kong and related educational issues. He believes that every individual deserves a quality education, and co-founded Project Access Hong Kong to increase access to overseas study for under-resourced students in his city. An avid listener of audio-books and a frequent traveller, Terence aspires to collect and live out stories to be told to future generations.

Fang Wu: PhD East Asian Languages & Civilizations, Chicago
Fang Wu is a second-year PhD student in East Aisan Languages and Civilizations in the University of Chicago. She is interested in pulling together excavated materials with the transmitted texts and examining the hidden messages in the minimalist narrative patterns of the excavated texts exposed the disenchanted complicated history of the pre-Qin period.