7 speakers from 3 prestigious universities share in our Postgraduate Application Workshop

OxHKScholars launched the Postgraduate Application Workshop in Hong Kong on 15 September 2019, as part of our commitment to increase the awareness of graduate research, study, and funding opportunities among students in HK.

We received more than 100 applications but only 60 participants could join us because of the limited capacity. We were completely impressed by the enthusiasm of applicants and we would want to show our gratitude towards your support.

In the workshop, our speakers shared with the audience about their academic path, and their experience in applying for graduate schools and funding. These broad topics include writing a research proposal, non-academic scholarships, and broad-discipline admissions. Our participants also benefited from panel discussions in which they joined the speakers' group to discuss in detail their specific fields.

We would like to particularly thank the individual speakers for their generous sharing:

  • Terence Tsui, Oxford (Rhodes Scholar)
  • Tak Huen Chau, UC Berkeley (Berkeley Fellow)
  • Alex Tsui, Oxford (Croucher Scholar)
  • Alexander Yen, Oxford
  • Kathy Cheung, Caltech (Croucher Scholar)
  • Henry Hung, Oxford (Oxford-Radcliffe Scholar)
  • Alvin Hung, Oxford

We would like to also thank Norton House for their venue sponsorship.

Throughout the years OxHKScholars has been endeavouring to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and facilitate academic and career-oriented collaboration among scholars from Hong Kong. We have launched various academic symposia and academic workshops and we continue to uphold our vigour in both Oxford and HK.

The next public academic event hosted by OxHKScholars is tentatively in next January. More details will be published in due course. We hope to see you again in our future events.

We wish everyone every success in their career and aspirations!



7 speakers from 3 prestigious universities share about their stories of graduate school applications. (From left) Alexander Yen, Kathy Cheung, Tak Huen Chau, Alex Tsui, Terence Tsui, Alvin Hung. (Henry Hung absent in this photo because his was out of town and could only present recorded video.)

For other photos from the event, please visit our Facebook page.